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Each project we undertake is unique. A specific design is generated in response to our Clients brief, site, budget and other cultural, geographical and environmental parameters. The architecture we practice is not a one size fits all approach that can be lifted from a book of plans. 


As with people, no two projects are the same. We guarantee you a high quality bespoke design service where each Client and each project no matter how large or small is treated with the same level of professional care.


We have a reputation for taking on difficult planning challenges with a great degree of success. If you wish to discuss your project with us you are welcome to make an appointment.


James Corbett Architects are a member practice of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland and both principals are fully registered members of the institute. 


Other services we can provide are:


Fire Certificate Applications


Disability Access Certificate Applications


Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)


Services in relation to the Licensing of premises


Services in relation to the retrofitting and renovation of existing structures, especially in relation to their thermal performance and the use of sustainable technologies 


DEAP assessment of existing dwellings


Condition surveys & reports


Feasibility studies for projects of all types and sizes, including domestic and commercial projects


Planning appeals to An Bord Pleanala


Sustainability techniques and systems for existing and new build designs


Compliance Certification


Interior design and refurbishment


Furniture design


Landscape design


Urban regeneration schemes and interventions


Academic studies and investigations


Public consultation and mediation 

Fee Structure

Our professional fees for a project are based on a number of factors. These include the relative complexity or simplicity of the brief, the site conditions, planning history and any particular request for services outside of the standard.


We give our Clients a fixed fee proposal prior to the project commencing which is broken down to reflect the various project stages. We feel that this method gives a greater confidence as you will always be aware of what the costs are at any given point in the project.


We also work with other professionals to provide a full suite of design & construction services to our Clients. 


If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not charge for initial consulatations of less than an hour in our office and we will be able to tell you in a greater level of detail what our fee would be for a particular project.


If you would rather we call to your home, office or site we do charge a nominal fee for an initial consultation which would be incorporated into the overall professional fees if you decided to proceed with our services.

Typical Services for a Domestic Project

A typical domestic project structure is generally set out in four stages


1. Outline Design


2. Detailed Design


3. Tender Stage


4. Construction


We offer full professional services in relation to all of the above stages. 



1.0 Outline Design 

We will focus on finalising the brief with the Client, advising on materials, sustainable energy options and how best to use the site, working towards a design that meets client needs within the given budget.


At an early stage once a sketch design has been agreed with our Client we arrange a pre-planning meeting with the local authorities to discuss the scheme and iron out any issues that may hinder or delay planning consent. 


2.0 Detailed Design

Once a design has been agreed with the Client, we will submit a more detailed design for planning permission; during the planning process, we will monitor the application and any objections that may arise.


3.0 Tender Stage

After planning permission has been granted, we will prepare a comprehensive set of detail drawings and specifications in conjunction with the Client, agreeing on finishes, materials and fittings. These will then be issued to a number of contractors to enable them to submit a detailed quotation, timescale and likely commencement date.


On receipt of detailed tender information from the contractors, we will analyse each submission on a number of criteria, such as price, experience and project timescale. We will recommend a contractor to the Client based on the above criteria and on our own experience, but of course the Client makes the final decision.


If required we will negotiate with the Contractor on behalf of our Client to obtain a fixed contract price that is in line with budget expectations.


4.0 Construction Stage 

Prior to construction commencing, we will formally appoint the selected contractor and proceed to signing the contract. This is also a good time to discuss any site issues that will impact on the contractor, such as site access, rights of way, neighbourhood requirements and anything the Client wishes to retain or eliminate from the contract.


Once work has commenced on site, we will carry out regular site visits with the contractor and our sub-consultants to discuss any issues or problems that typically arise during construction phase, to ensure that the project is being constructed according to the drawings and specifications and to make sure that the contractor is meeting his timeframe.


During the construction phase, we will issue regular certificates requesting payment for the contractor; these certificates are based on the work carried out on site and the time it has taken to carry out the work. On Practical and Full Completion of the project, we will issue further certificates to settle the account with the contractor.


Of course, if required we can tailor this suite of services to suit particular projects.If you would like to discuss our services in greater detail, we would be happy to carry out a consultation with you at our offices; there will be no charge for consultations of less than an hour in our office. During this initial consultation we can advise you further of our particular services, our fees and give you a better understanding of how we work with a Client.

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