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Childrens Grief Centre
Client: Childrens Grief Centre CLG
Completion: n/a

James Corbett Architects were asked to take part in a limited competition for the renovation and extension of the existing Ladies Residence on the John Henry Newman Campus of Mary Immaculate College for use by the Childrens Grief Centre as a new premises.

Our proposal sought to reimagine the centre as a series of rooms and threshold spaces to be negotiated and explored by children, families and staff using the building to allow for the requirements of the centre within the 19C building. 

New architectural interventions were distinct from the institutional architecture of the existing structure and were designed to be playful additions which enhanced and liked spaces to allow new functions to occur.  
Room Furniture.jpg
Entrance Perspective.jpg
Abstract Plan.jpg
Art Room.jpg
Shared Zones.jpg
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