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Long House
New House
Client: Private
Completion: 2011

The site for this new sustainable private residence is located on the banks of the Mulcair river.  The simple vernacular form is intended to sit unobtrusively within the context of the existing ribbon housing development in the vicinity of Annacotty, Co.Limerick.


Internally, the organisation reflects a more complex sequence of inhabited spaces of increasing scales than the simple form initially suggests; one enters the house through a small extruded concrete box, moving through the various spaces that increase in scale as one moves through the house.  Within the largest and most public interior space, the living area, a raised games rooms 'hangs' above, representing another inhabited space of a private scale that engages with the public intentions of the living room, yet maintains a discreet distance.  


The living area has wide views across the large garden, the largest space that is inhabited by the house towards the river. A subtle view past the hearth towards the driveway and the road reminds the viewer of the route they have taken and connects them back to the exterior context.

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